Sunday, April 02, 2006

Baptism of Ire

Sometimes, I’m not sure who I hate more – those people who keep repeating that feminism is dead (what? Have they even been looking? Or perhaps we’re all talking to ourselves?) or those women who refuse to shut up about how they don’t need feminism. It’s hard to remain objective, or calm, or even anywhere close to sanity when these deluded creatures decide to spout off. In fact, I can’t even do pity, because I’m just too goddamn angry.

Prime example of this came to my attention today on that wonder of modern civilisation, Facebook. Without going into too much detail (i.e. rant), a group has basically been set up on the amusing premise that feminism is bad, that they did not ask to be emancipated and that we should all just accept that we’re different from men and learn to deal with it.

Well. Well… (rendered speechless for a few moments).

Obviously, this is meant to be rather amusing and cool, but unfortunately for the women involved, they come across as looking ridiculous. Apparently, they love mascara, leg waxing and using their bodies to get men to buy them things.
A few points:
a) Hairless legs, though it may be a sign of oppression, does not make you not a feminist. Loving leg waxing as a process though, may just be insane. Waxing hurts. There is nothing there to love.
b) Mascara: get over it.
c) Do I need to say anything about using bodies to get drinks? I don’t think I do, but this may be because it beggars belief. Surely no-one can really believe this kind of crap? You’d like to think so…
d) Thanks ladies, for setting back our whole gender several decades. Although that, after consideration, is an insult to a past generation who have fought tooth and nail to get us to where we are today.

Why does this bother me? These people are ignorant and stupid, and (hopefully) no-one is going to take them that seriously. But it is hard to sit back and let this float. No-one is saying that in order to be worthwhile, a woman has to be a hardcore man-hating feminist stereotype. Perhaps, if I’m feeling particularly pessimistic, all I’m saying is that women should have a little respect for each other and realise that being a feminist is a Good Thing.

Oh yeah. And not being a complete bunch of f***ing idiots would probably help.

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