Tuesday, January 29, 2008

...But the pockets are too small to be useful

Why is it that trousers designed for women have such impractical pockets? Men can carry around a whole host of useful items including (but not limited to) phones, wallets, ipods, loose change, keys in their voluminous pockets without looking like they've sprouted giant tumours. Women, on the otherhand, are lucky if they can fit in some clean tissues and 20p for the machine in the toilet. It's made quite clear that pockets are there for show and are shrinking over time - rather like the little toe. Perhaps it is part of the conspiracy to encourage us to buy vastly overpriced handbags.

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Mwezzi said...

It's in the jackets, too - men's business suits have actual pockets for handkerchiefs and pens, whereas women's ones have decorative pieces which are stitched on to give the appearance of pockets. Reasons i've heard for this are that having pockets would 'ruin the line of the jacket'. Err... they work fine for men. Why can't it for us?