Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pink please Bob..

About to depart for my long-awaited holiday, I am struck – not by the jolly end-of-term feeling I’ve had to endure from my colleagues for the past two months – by inertia. Lots to do, no chance of doing it all, grumpy emails: all result in mental paralysis. It would be lovely to think that it’ll all be over once I get back; sadly this is not going to be the case. However, for a little while at least, I do not have to think about it.

Nor do I have to think about the black-tie-do I have to go to when I get back. I don’t suit black-tie clothing, nor go to enough events that buying something nice could be seen as investment, so it has been quite stressful. Given my general state of dour grumpiness, an evening or so of navel-gazing is hardly going to be enjoyable. Here’s hoping there’s going to be some nice wine.

To top it off, it’s pouring with rain and I didn’t take a coat with me this morning. I am a fool.

On a more cheerful note – some good stuff has been happening since I last blogged:
• Karl Rove has resigned and, joy of joys, GWB’s nickname for him was “turd blossom”. It’s obviously very bad to laugh at the misfortune of others, but let’s face it, it’s really funny.
• The Conservatives pledged to fight hospital closures as hospitals that weren’t even closing, apologised for it and then retracted the apology. The inability to get that right seems to cast doubt on their ability to actually run anything. Very entertaining.
• It’s been scientifically proven that women prefer pink because that’s what colour their lipstick was back-in-the-day… No, hang on – that’s wrong. It was because we were hunter-gathers and elephants were pink… You know, actually, this may not be good news after all. A study proving something completely useless, based on socialised traits… Especially given that pink was considered a *male* colour until the 19th Century. So, in summary, I think we’ve proven… well, nothing. Except you can apparently get research money for *anything* if you’re looking to enforce gender stereotypes.

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