Monday, May 08, 2006

Rising Tide of Insanity

Hmm. Reading yesterday's post I realise I don't sound quite as... *sane* as I would otherwise have liked. I put this down to hurtling headlong towards exam time and the difficulty in managing to express opinions about abortion without drifting into crazed territory.

To clarify (hopefully), I am not expressing the opinion that if women are in relationships that they should not even *talk* about their choice with their partner, I am just suggesting that in the final instance, due to the very nature of childbirth, pregnancy etc (i.e. that men can't take the foetus into their own body and go through pregnancy and labour, thus freeing up women who would rather not be pregnant), it is the choice of the woman. Regardless of how the rest of the world views her reasons.

On a different note, it turns out that rape convictions may be as low as they are in the UK because of sloppy evidence collection (i.e. for DNA). Having read some literature (academic) on the attitude of some (most?)of the police and indeed, lawyers etc towards rape victims, this does not come as a huge shock, despite the fact that the article seemed to written with astonishment. If perceptions towards rape victims border on disbelieving/scornful, then it's hardly likely that people are going to bother following up all the leads with the efficiency one might suggest that the situation merits. I realise that I am not being fair to the whole of the police etc, but it only takes a few to let the side down... And to be honest, it seems like it might be more than just a few. Time to pull ourselves together.

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